Tigress Expert Enhancements

Tigress Rosé
Capturing a personality with a unique label

Tigress Rosé is part of the Simon Family portfolio but it has a very different role to play - to represent the matriach of the Simon Family. They wanted it to express her strong will but gentleness. The starting point for this label was a freelancer design, but it lacked the understanding of the wine industry requirements (government warning, alcohol content etc) as well as printing techniques to give it the quality the price demanded. We brought our extensive knowledge of the wine industry and upscale resource list to the project, to create a design worthy of the portfolio. By silkscreening the Tigress on the back of the bottle, the design was uniquely visible through the salmon pink Rose. Selecting a delicate font for Tigress and screening it on the bottle's front, married softness with strength. The presentation of the design is not only pleasing, but the matriach feels proud it represents her personality perfectly. 




Ink silkscreen front and back

Tigress Rosé

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