Lasorda Family Wines Uniting Passions

BrandKind Lasorda Wines
Multiple passions in one story

Tommy Lasorda is a household legend of baseball but little known is his life-long connection with winemaking. His father immigrated from Abruzzo, a famous Italian wine region, and continued making his own wine at home, in Pennslyvania. As a boy Tommy watched and learned the pleasures of winemaking, helping press and distribute the finished wines to family and friends. Then baseball took over until now! The challenge presented to us was bringing these passions together, not competitively but in a complementary way. Of course some baseball references were mandatory such as Dodger Blue but the rest was up to us, and we had a ball...


Cabernet Sauvignon





Custom Dodger Blue closure

BrandKind Lasorda Wines Rose
BrandKind Lasorda Wines Chardonney
BrandKind Lasorda Wines

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