Golden Ore First Impressions

Building an impactful brand starts with impressing the client

When working with a new client our goal is to over-deliver. And this is especially important when they too are entering the market for the first time. They need to impress, and so do we. Through word of mouth the Simon Family discovered us. As long-time wine aficionados launching a new brand, they wanted to work with a design agency with a proven track record in the luxury wine market. Drawing upon our years of luxury design experience and working closely with our network of best in class suppliers, we were able to create a full package, with embossing, foiling and thick paperstock able to uphold the printing techniques we had envisioned. The overall impact is impressionable, for both the customer and our client.


Sauvignon Blanc


Gold, ripple-embossed foil

Ghost emboss label



Nailed It!

Geoff Meyer

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