Eco Terreno Deep Understanding

Brandkind Eco Terreno Bottleshot
Understanding values is the key to a deeper meaning

Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards is one of the most respected and respectful wine farms in Sonoma. It's willing to go the extra mile and stand up for a higher purpose, whether that be to farm in a reponsible way, or support all their employees with a living wage. Now with clarity of direction, they wanted to express this with a label redesign. From the very beginning of the working relationship we sought to understand not just their history but their values too. With a highly regarded Founder trained in European winemaking, the foundation of the design needed to be classical but with touches of new world wine cues. Layering the background with a subtle honeycomb pattern was the answer, which has now become a signature element of the brand. 


Cabernet Sauvignon


Red Blend

Cabernet Franc

Petit Verdot


Sauvignon Blanc



Embossed background

Gold foiling

BrandKind Eco Terreno Cork Print
BrandKind Eco Terreno

BrandKind started out as our label designer. Soon enough they became our full marketing resource, as we learned how deep into our values they were willing to go. Now we consider them part of our core team.

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