Double Blessings Together As One

Brandkind SFE Double Blessings
A design with individual characteristics yet a collective story

Double Blessings has two stories to tell. The first is being part of the Simon Family portfolio, the second is the story of twin sons with very distinctive personalities. The challenge from the Simon Family was to create a design clearly linked, but able to express the unique characteristics of each son. Listening deeply to their story was the key, to learn of their connectivity yet differences. Equally important was the need for the design to command a premium price point and project strong wine values. The end result is a label design full of meaning, from the individualized hand-drawn illustrations to the rounded edge label that fits together as one. The Simon Family was very pleased, especially the sons who's personalities we captured in each design. 


Cabernet Sauvignon


Die-cut label


Silver foil

Custom illustration 

Brandkind Double Blessings Wine Shot

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